Delaware County – Haverford Township

General Information

Type of Government:
1st Class Township
Hours of Operation:
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Mon-Fri.

Contact Information

Lorraine Hanlon-Widdop

2325 Darby Road

Havertown, PA 19083-2251

(610) 446-1000
(610) 446-1203
Tax Collector

Residential Resale Inspection Information

Inspection Fee:
$75.00 (w/ 30 days advance notice) $105.00 (w/ less than 30 days notice)
Reinspection Fee:


  • Sidewalks and Curbs – Curbs require a minimum 3″ reveal. Deviations of elevation of 1″ or more on a sidewalk constitute a tripping hazard and must be corrected. (More listed below)
  • Handrails
  • House numbers – Must be at least 3.5″ high, clearly visible from the street, with sufficient contrast so as to be easily read in inclement weather or at night
  • Curbs – Must contain no structural defects and have a reveal of at least 3″ from the road surface to the top of the curb
  • Sidewalks – Must contain no structural cracks or have a deviation in elevation between blocks in excess of 1″
  • Walkways to house – see sidewalks Front – Visible from the street to which the address number applies. Rear – Required if property abuts a rear alley, street or other right of way


  • Smoke alarm – At least one per level, including attic if stair access present. Units must be placed within 6″ of ceiling. Battery powered units allowed in existing homes.
  • Handrails
  • Sump pump
  • Sewer – Interior sewer inspection required after U and O application has been submitted.


Required Certifications

Building Codes and Sign Ordinances

Building Code Requirements

  • Pa UCC
  • 2009 International Property Maintenance Codes IPMC
  • IRC

Open House Directionals

  • Not permitted.

For Sale/Sold Signs

  • Signs may be a maximum of 6 sq. ft. and one per street frontage. No signs within right-of-ways (between curb and sidewalk). (Per ordinance)

Rental Property Inspection Information

Inspection Fee:
$30.00 per unit
Reinspection Fee:
$30.00 Each occupancy change
Rental Property Registration/License Required:
Cost of Registration/Licensure:
Registration Valid For:
1 year
Other Rental Property Inspection Required:


  • Please contact Haverford Township for inspection criteria.


  • Please contact Haverford Township for inspection criteria.


  • Rental properties require annual licenses and an inspection prior to occupancy. A fee of $50.00 per dwelling unit is required with the license application. The Housing License is for a 12-month period from March 1st to February 28th.
  • All occupants of the rental property must be listed on an occupancy registration form and submitted with the license application. Occupancy registration form must be signed by tenant(s). A copy of the executed lease agreement must also be submitted.
  • Each time the occupancy of the rental unit is changed, an inspection of the property is required to determine that the premises meet the healthy and safety requirements of the Township.
  • Not more than three (3) unrelated people may reside in a rental house.
  • Owner occupied units may not have more than one (1) roomer or boarder.
  • Student housing is permitted only when authorized by the Township Zoning Hearing Board as a special exception.

Required Certifications

Elected Officials

  • Township Manager/Secretary – Larry Gentile
  • Township Solicitor – James Byrne, Jr.
  • President Commissioners – William Wechsler
  • Vice-President Commissioners – Stephen D’Emilio
  • Director of Codes Enforcement – Lori Hanlon-Widdop

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Tax Information

Millage Rate

Millage Rate (County): 5.18
Real Estate Mills Municipal: 6.359
Real Estate Mills School District: 26.0209
Total Millage Rate: 37.5599

Realty Transfer Percent

PA State Transfer Percent: 1
Realty Transfer Percent Municipal: 0.5
Realty Transfer Percent School District: 0.5
Total Realty Transfer Percent: 2

Other Information

School District Name: Haverford School District

Other Tax Information

Per Capita Tax: $0.0000
Earned Income Municipal: (%) 0
Earned Income School District: (%) 0
Local Services Tax: 52

Uniform Construction Code

Many local governments have adopted use and occupancy ordinances. Increasingly, code officials are citing non-permitted uses and or structures during their inspections. The following lists the enforcement policies as they relate to a residential resale inspection. Please see link below for more information regarding Pennsylvania’s statewide building code, the Uniform Construction Code (UCC).
PA Labor and Industry Building Codes Homepage

  • Non-permitted decks that have been installed: No enforcement
  • Non-permitted finished basements: No enforcement
  • Means of egress for finished basement is required when includes sleeping quarters
  • Non-permitted fences, sheds, or other structures: No enforcement
  • Our web address for building and/or zoning codes is:
  • Our web address for use and occupancy inspection checklist and/or application is:
  • We have not separately adopted NFPA standard 211, Chapters 13 &/or 14, which regulate fireplace and heater chimney maintenance.


(Municipal data last updated 7/08/2011)

The information contained in this profile is only intended to provide a general summary of real estate-related laws and regulations in this municipality. It is not intended to take the place of written law, ordinances, or regulations that can be obtained directly from the municipality.