Chester County – Schuylkill Township

General Information

Type of Government:
2nd Class Township
Hours of Operation:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Contact Information

Mary R. Bird

111 Valley Park Road

Phoenixville, PA 19460

Charles J. McCarthy

Tax Collector

Residential Resale Inspection Information

Inspection Fee:
Reinspection Fee:




  • No Inspection required

Required Certifications

Building Codes and Sign Ordinances

Building Code Requirements

  • PA UCC and other ordinances (contact Township)

Open House Directionals

  • Not permitted -$75.00 fine for any signs picked up in township (per ordinance)

For Sale/Sold Signs

  • Only permitted on property being sold, no more than 2 (per ordinance)

Rental Property Inspection Information

Inspection Fee:
Reinspection Fee:
Rental Property Registration/License Required:
Cost of Registration/Licensure:
Registration Valid For:
Other Rental Property Inspection Required:




  • Tenant registration required at change of tenant. Contact township.

Required Certifications

Elected Officials

  • Board of Supervisors, Chairman – Barbara Cohen
  • Board of Supervisors, Vice-Chairman – Norman Vutz
  • Board Member – Fred Parry
  • Board Member – Laurie Williams
  • Board Member – James Morrisson

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Tax Information

Millage Rate

Millage Rate (County): 3.965
Real Estate Mills Municipal: 2.7
Real Estate Mills School District: 27.78
Total Millage Rate: 34.445

Realty Transfer Percent

PA State Transfer Percent: 1
Realty Transfer Percent Municipal: 0.5
Realty Transfer Percent School District: 0.5
Total Realty Transfer Percent: 2

Other Information

School District Name: Phoenixville Area School District

Other Tax Information

Per Capita Tax: $0.0000
Earned Income Municipal: (%) 0.75
Earned Income School District: (%) 0.5
Local Services Tax: 52

Uniform Construction Code

Many local governments have adopted use and occupancy ordinances. Increasingly, code officials are citing non-permitted uses and or structures during their inspections. The following lists the enforcement policies as they relate to a residential resale inspection. Please see link below for more information regarding Pennsylvania’s statewide building code, the Uniform Construction Code (UCC).
PA Labor and Industry Building Codes Homepage

  • Schuylkill Township does not require a residential resale certificate for the transfer of residential property
  • We have not separately adopted NFPA standard 211, Chapters 13 &/or 14, which regulate fireplace and heater chimney maintenance.
(Municipal data last updated 7/08/2011)

The information contained in this profile is only intended to provide a general summary of real estate-related laws and regulations in this municipality. It is not intended to take the place of written law, ordinances, or regulations that can be obtained directly from the municipality.