Chester County – Charlestown Township

General Information

Type of Government:
2nd Class Township
Hours of Operation:
9am to 3pm Mon-Fri

Contact Information

Linda Csete

4030 Whitehorse Road
P.O. Box 507

Devault, PA 19432

Central Tax Bureau

Tax Collector

Residential Resale Inspection Information

Inspection Fee:
Reinspection Fee:




  • As of the date of last update, a residential resale inspection or use & occupancy permit is not required in Charlestown Township. Always verify this information with the municipality.

Required Certifications

Building Codes and Sign Ordinances

Building Code Requirements

  • Pa UCC

Open House Directionals

  • Open House Signs: Signs designating an open house for the sale of residential real estate may be displayed no more than three (3) days in advance of the open house and shall be removed within two (2) hours of the end of the open house. Signs which are not removed within the time limits may be impounded by the Township.

For Sale/Sold Signs

  • Real Estate “For Sale” or “For Rent” Signs: Such real estate signs shall be removed within two (2) days of the completion of the activity which they advertise. Signs which are not removed within the time limits may be impounded by the Township. One per street frontage, 6 sq. foot max.

Rental Property Inspection Information

Inspection Fee:
Reinspection Fee:
Rental Property Registration/License Required:
Cost of Registration/Licensure:
Registration Valid For:
Other Rental Property Inspection Required:




  • -No Inspection required

Required Certifications

Elected Officials

  • Chairman – Hugh D. Willig
  • Vice Chairman – Frank A. Piliero
  • Members – Michael J. Rodgers, Kevin Kuhn, Charles A. Philips

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Tax Information

Millage Rate

Millage Rate (County): 3.965
Real Estate Mills Municipal: 0.75
Real Estate Mills School District: 19.03
Total Millage Rate: 23.745

Realty Transfer Percent

PA State Transfer Percent: 1
Realty Transfer Percent Municipal: 0.5
Realty Transfer Percent School District: 0.5
Total Realty Transfer Percent: 2

Other Information

School District Name: Great Valley School District

Other Tax Information

Per Capita Tax: $10
Earned Income Municipal: (%) 1
Earned Income School District: (%) 0
Local Services Tax: 52
Comments: LST effective 1/1/2010

Uniform Construction Code

Many local governments have adopted use and occupancy ordinances. Increasingly, code officials are citing non-permitted uses and or structures during their inspections. The following lists the enforcement policies as they relate to a residential resale inspection. Please see link below for more information regarding Pennsylvania’s statewide building code, the Uniform Construction Code (UCC).
PA Labor and Industry Building Codes Homepage

  • Charlestown Township does not require a residential resale certificate for the transfer of residential property
  • Our web address for building and/or zoning codes is: website: Zoning:
  • We have not separately adopted NFPA standard 211, Chapters 13 &/or 14, which regulate fireplace and heater chimney maintenance.


(Municipal data last updated 7/18/2011)

The information contained in this profile is only intended to provide a general summary of real estate-related laws and regulations in this municipality. It is not intended to take the place of written law, ordinances, or regulations that can be obtained directly from the municipality.