The Chester County Planning Commission has created an interactive website that details the data compiled as part of their Comprehensive Policy Plan of the Landscapes 2 Project.  Two great features of the site are the Interactive Map and the Community Profiles.

The Interactive Map displays Chester County with outlines of all municipalities.  The map can be “overlaid” with different features based primarily on population density and resources.  I particularly like the inclusion of municipal boundaries.  Most available “internet” maps do not include these boundaries.  Here is a “screen shot” of the “Interactive Map.”

Interactive Map of Chester County with municipal boundaries such as: Easttown, Charlestown, West Chester Chester Borough, et al.

Chester County Landscapes 2 Interactive Map

The “Community Profiles” page is even more powerful.  For the project the county was divided into six “communities.”  (Eastern, Northern, Central, etc.)  The data of the report can be mapped by these “communities” or by individual municipality or school district.  It’s incredibly powerful:  demographics, schools, libraries, parks, public transportation, fire stations, police stations, rail lines, nursing homes, and traffic volume are just some of the items which are available.  Just check the box in the lower left corner and it will overlay all the facilities in whichever region you’ve chosen.  Then just click on the icon for each one to see all the details.  It even outlines the boundaries for the district courts!

Community profiles map of the Chester County Planning Commision.

Community Profiles Map displaying District Court Boundaries.

All the demographic data for the county is available too.  It’s a fountainhead of information about Chester County.  Give it a try today!