While I can’t speak for other agents, today is a regular work day for me.  Drop off a 2nd deposit check to a listing agent; review 5407 documents for an upcoming transaction;  review CMA details for an upcoming listing.  But a brief  look at today’s headlines would suggest that more than a few Americans need to get their priorities straight.

Of a woman using pepper spray at a California Walmart, Lieutenant Parga said, “Somehow she was trying to use it to gain an upper-hand.”  She was trying to keep other shoppers away from merchandise she coveted.   Hmm–definitely a well grounded individual with their priorities straight.

Woman Pepper Sprays Walmart

But this following one is my favorite.  Now–I’m not sure about you–but I have at least three waffle irons.  One from each grandmother as they became too elderly to make waffles.  And another one from a great aunt.  I haven’t used them in years but they’re in a box either in the attic or the barn.  Also,  every garage sale I’ve ever attended has at least one waffle iron for $1.00.  So I’d say that the United States is probably oversupplied with waffle irons.  And from the video here it is pretty clear that most of these shoppers don’t need any more waffles.  So– too many waffle irons plus too many waffles and this is what you get:

Melee over $2.00 waffle irons

Have a great day whatever you’re doing today!